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Acrylic Rendering & Texture Coating

Acrylic Render is a modern render system made from an acrylic and sand/cement blend. Acrylic render has up to 7 times the tensile strength of traditional sand and cement render providing outstanding durability. 2 coats of Acrylic Render are applied, followed by a final coat Acrylic Texture Coating. This coating is a blend of acrylic and polymers and is exceptionally hard-wearing and delivers a premium finish. A very popular choice that gives a modern, uniform look. Tinted to match final paint colour for an attractive finish and weatherproofing.

Venetian Plastering – A Modern Re-Birth of a Timeless Classic

Venetian Polished Plaster is an ideal wall or ceiling finish perfect for creating an exceptionally beautiful smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture.

A dazzling finish for a feature wall, a themed room with a glamorous backdrop, a commercial enterprise that wants a visually appealing interior décor wall custom designed. Venetian Plaster emanates elegance with modern chic, the perfect finish for that somewhere special.

Venetian Plastering techniques include marmorino, scagliola, and sgraffito. Venetian Plaster can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish. Venetian Polished Plaster is a natural lime-based eco-friendly product able to achieve many textured finishes. Traditional Italian methods are used to ensure the very best result. Venetian Plaster can be tinted or coloured using natural or synthetic colorants.

Cement Rendering

Traditional Cement render is a mix of sand, cement and lime or clay. This type of render is in demand for restoration work or to cover any imperfection of walls with uneven brick surfaces. It can be applied to brickwork, Besser blocks, concrete and render mesh. This is spread over brickwork and finished with a float and a sponge in preparation for texture coat or paint. We provide conventional render for external surfaces that require major levelling and a higher degree of uniformity.

Quoins and Bands

Quoins are the mimicked corner stones that anchor the corner of the building wall and are commonly used by architects and builders to give the impression of strength and firmness to the outline of a building. Bands tend to be structured to run around windows and doors. Both are features that can be visually enhanced with a professional render finish, showcasing your property to its full advantage.

Internal Smooth Set Plastering

Smooth Set Plastering is suitable for internal plastering applications over most substrates. The interior cement rendering is ‘floated’ over the surface and the plaster is ‘set’ over the cement render which leaves the wall smooth, blemish free and ready for painting. The skill required to effectively ‘float’ and ‘set’ a high-quality finish is what we do best.


Our exterior acrylic, weatherproof membranes stand the test of time and are available in all colours to suit your requirements. Painting of rendered surfaces brings your home to life with your desired finish. Ask us too about our heat reflective and crack resistant paint membranes for lowering energy costs and giving longevity to the surfaces.

Solid Plaster Repairs

Plaster and render looks great, but it’s important to rectify any problems quickly if it begins to crack or crumble. Solid wall plastering requires professional application and expert repair, for a lasting solution. You want your walls to look uniform and beautiful, not like they’ve been patched up. Liaise with us to find a solution on how we can give your wall the look you’re after.

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